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Wearing the Proper Safety Gear
no eye protection2no eye protection2


Why is it important to wear the proper safety gear while racing?

We all know racing is dangerous and expensive; but to cut corners on your safety gear is one thing you should not do at all. At an August race, a runabout racer thought it would we a good idea to just have sunglasses on, instead of purchasing a pair of goggles.

no eye protectionno eye protection
no eye protection1no eye protection1 IMG_0244IMG_0244

Little did he know, the rest of the day would change day for another rider and his life forever? 

Warner crashWarner crash
For this race, only two riders showed up to the line. One was a Pro rider and the other was a novice. Apparently, the novice rider was not very familiar with the coarse. The 2 were battling door to door after coming out of the s’s to approach the final left turn before going into the front stretch. The pro rider gave the novice rider plenty of room on the inside, but the since the novice rider was not wearing goggles, he had no clue where the next left turn buoy was. Missing the buoy completely. buoysbuoys
188B4600-XLPhoto Credit : Throttle Junkie.comPhoto Credit : Throttle Junkie.com Photo Credit : Throttle Junkie.com The two were battling and neither let off the throttle, BAMMM the pro rider completed his turn while the novice rider didn’t turn creating a collision sending the novice rider in the air and the pro rider to the hospital with a broken leg. Luckily the pro rider had all the proper gear on that basically saved his life. The wetsuit he had on held his leg together long enough to get the proper medical protection he needed.

This is why it is important to wear the proper gear such as: wetsuit, water shoes, spine/chest protector, helmet, goggles, life jacket and leg guards are all very important which could end up being a life or death situation. This could have been avoided with just a pair of goggles and knowing the coarse. If you feel that this should be checked as safety inspection at the line and before racing starts please advise your race director.

Safety should always be the first priority for keeping everyone safe!

If you wish to make a donation everything is appreciated.


188B4601-XL188B4601-XL Photo Credit : ThrottleJunkie.com


IMG_0835IMG_0835before the accident

Before the accident



By: Marc Hagest

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Saturday Night Lights Flat Track Racing https://www.24-7mediagroup.com/blog/2018/7/flat-track-racing  

Saturday Night Flat Track Racing at Perris Speedway


The Southern CA Flat Track Series had great vibes and some pretty intense racing under the Saturday Night lights. Several classes showed up that made the action at Perris Speedway a night to remember.

The night kicked off with the qualifying events and the Side cars which went back and forth all night. The #64 side car team of Dillon Osborne and Ashley Gibbons dominated from start to finish taking the sweep in all their  heats and the main event.

Next was the kids turn to race. Even there was only four competitors, this class had some action.

With the weather being a nice mild June day, the four competitors showed up to the line and were ready for battle on this short oval coarse. The Class consisted of # 5 Ryder Schultz, #95 Noah Weber, #714 Dayton Anderson and #92 Max Rose.

The green flag dropped and it was the #92 of Rose out in front taking a quick command for the first lap. Quickly charging, though the turns of the oval track, came the #5 of Schultz who would eventually take command of the race to capture the checkers and eventually go on to dominate the evening for the Pee Wee class.
As the night went on, it was the track crew who was diligent in keeping the track in order for the teams to keep the competition equal. The heats were going as fast as under two minutes per race. These racers were haulin some tail around the oval track in the Polish League Style Team Races. The Teams were: The Perris Eaglesz versus The Santa Maria Acesz. Ruml and Fox would battle with Ruml to lead the way for the Aces helping them win for the evening against the Eagles.

Heat 7 saw Eagle Aaron Fox take command of the race but on the last lap had a mechanical failure heading into turn 3 causing him to wreck into turn 4. Unfortunately ejecting him off the bike and sending it into the air multiple times. He would walk away thank goodness. Here's a live clip of the race shot from the cell phone. Please give our Facebook page a like while you are there.


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Before Jet Renu Dri Wash After Jet Renu Dri Wash
Before Jet Renu Dri Wash After Jet Renu Dri Wash

The Hooligan class also had great action all day. In the main, the #829 of Foley had taken charge of the race with #27 Craig lurking in 3rd until the #55 of Robinson in 2nd, made a mistake going into turn #3, causing him to go down and the red flag was thrown. Everyone lined back up to do it again, but this time it was a different story with the #829 surrendering the lead to the #27 of Craig who took over the leading spot and never looked back.

The next race will be August 4th at Perris Raceway with the AMA National Best Pairs Championship. Check out the full photo gallery. Save 25% on photos expires on June 9, 2018. Perris630 is the code. We would like to give a special thanks to Steve Evans for allowing us to come out!


By: Marc Hagest

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Born Free 10 Motorcycle Show https://www.24-7mediagroup.com/blog/2018/6/born-free-10-motorcycle-show  

Born Free 10 Motorcycle Show 2018


Born Free 10 kicked off with ample of vendors, spectators, cool motorcycles, live music, food and beverage. The rally was for 2 days Saturday June 23 and 24.

Being that it was the first time I was at this event, I was very impressed with the turn out of motorcycle enthusiasts  that showed up to support the event. Tucked away behind Irvine Lake at Oak Park Ranch is great venue for this event.

It was a great day at the show with great weather and everyone was enjoying themselves, networking with the vendors to see whats new in the industry. The live music was going on too with musicians playing songs from Toto, Journey and much more.

The custom build bikes were amazing, with the time and effort that goes into it with the builders. To the left is just one of the cool motors that we were able to find. There were all types of other bikes on display too from classics to flat track racing bikes.

If you have never been to this show , it is definitely one to put on the list to attend.


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Jet Renu Dri Wash Aerosol Cleaner . Cleans, polishes and protects. Photo Credit : Anna Glennon

Before Jet Renu Dri Wash After Jet Renu Dri Wash
Before Jet Renu Dri Wash After Jet Renu Dri Wash


By: Marc Hagest

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Exotic Car, PowerBoats and Custom Bikes Street Show https://www.24-7mediagroup.com/blog/2018/5/exotic-car-powerboats-and-custom-bikes-street-show  

Mark your calendars for June 9th 2018

On June 9 2018, Please join us for a day of fun in the sun. Huntington Beach, CA will be hosting the PowerBoat and Exotic street Show between the hours of 1pm -8pm; located at 5th st and Pacific Coast Highway. There will be Exotic cars, Powerboats and custom built Motorcycles on display. Jet Renu will be on display to explain how the industry leading product can be put to use, since it is an universal product for your boats, motorcycles and cars. The Offshore Racing Organization is ready for you to have some family fun and come see whats new in the motorsports industry. 


Photo Credit : Lamborghini

Photo Credit : Lamborghini

By: Marc Hagest

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2018 Daytona Bike Weeks in the Books https://www.24-7mediagroup.com/blog/2018/3/2018-daytona-bikeweeks-in-the-books

The start of the 77th annual  bike weeks started off on a great note at Daytona International Speedway. There was lots to do in Thunder Alley with all the demo rides, vendors and live music.  The weather was great with sunny skies in the mid 70’s making it that much better. The Rally and Thunder Alley was on the outside of the Speedway while Qualifying for the AMA Supercross was getting under way its on the inside the 2.5 mile speedway on the infield where NASCAR’s #3 Austin Dillon was doing celebration donuts after his win of the Daytona 500 and carving the number 3 into the grass 20 years to the weekend of the horrible passing of Dale Earnhardt Sr.

So how appropriate would it be if Kawasaki’s #3 Eli Tomac took his machine to victory circle? In my mind I think that would be completely awesome! because of the history at Daytona of the #3 Dale Earnhardt and now Austin Dillon.
Racing and family go a long way at this track. Austin Dillon bringing a cherishable win for his Grandfather Richard Childress. Dale Sr and Dale Jr celebrating together at this venue that will always live on. Oh yeah can’t forget the Petty’s either as the list could go on.

Growing up, the family past time  was go to Supercross  events as a family, it was a way to bond with cooking food, playing games in the parking lot , watching some good racing and enjoying each other. Times like these as a kid are priceless as we get older.

As the day went on during qualifying we were able to catch up to a couple privateers , Jet  Renu’s Justin Ashburn #455 , Jet Renu’s David Pulley #608.

Justin Ashburn has been a warrior on the start of this AMA Monster Energy East Coast tour battling injury and still competing . In talking with him, his goals for the 2018 season is getting ready for the Outdoor Nationals tour. For Justin, family and racing go along way. His father always gave him lots of support when younger, they would travel to the races as a team in order to compete. The help he received from his Dad when younger made it possible for him to be at the pro level now.
David has been a trooper as he has started from the first round in Anaheim, CA and has battled through adversity to have the commitment to do 99% of the AMA Monster Energy Supercross tour. This year for the tour David has made the transition from Yamaha to Honda. In speaking with him, the switch has been rather smooth because the Honda fits more of his riding style than the Yamaha. Learning more and more everyday with the Honda allows him to improve each and every week. Unfortunately, mechanical issues plagued David at this round. He too, said family and racing go along way. This was their past time with him growing up. His parents would support David as much as possible to cheer him on at the track when he was racing. As to date, he would fly his father out to come watch him for the East Coast rounds. “Family is a great aspect of the sport and it brings us closer together. Making it great."
Everyone that is into racing loves Daytona! The atmosphere , the action & the people!
The racing was on point all night long in the heats and in the mains. Starting with 450 Heat 1 as the gate dropped the riders headed into the first corner with KTM rider Marvin Musquin #25 hitting a tough block, making it come out onto the track, where right behind him was points leader , Husqvarna rider Jason Anderson #21 had nowhere to go , hitting it , sending him and his bike flying, dropping him to last! Meanwhile, giving the holeshot to the Honda rider Justin Brayton #10. The race continues with the #10 and the #25 battling bar to bar with about a second in-between them. Anderson finding himself in a hole with time on his side having to finish 9th or better to make the main; picking slower riders off one by one , eventually finishing 9th transferring to the main event. On the last lap, #25 battling with the #10, Musquin goes down in the sand, allowing Brayton to take the win in 450 Heat 1.
The drama continues to unfold in 450 Heat 2, the gate drops with a clean start and Yamaha’s #2 Cooper Webb takes the hole shot with Honda’s Christian Craig #32 in a close second. Soon after the first lap Kawasaki’s Eli Tomac #3 would come into the mix with all three riders less than a second apart. Heading into the sand the  #3 would make his move on the #32 and passing him for second! The race continues as now the #3 starts to reel in the #2 going fender to fender with less than 1/2 a second in between the two riders. The # 3 is patient to make his move as they head down the Tri-oval  crossing the finish line heading into the sand turn where the #3 makes his move running into the leader and taking both himself and #2 out. They both go down in the sand as the #32 in the cat bird seat  passes them both, leaving the # 2 into 4th and the #3 into 7th with 2 laps to go!   The #32 takes the his first ever win of the 450 Heat 2. The #2 finishes 4th and the #3 battles back to take 6th with a close finish with the #22 of Chad Reed to take 5th. After the race, I thought there was gonna be a fight in between the #3 and #2 like the classic NASCAR days! Things calmed down though!

The Mains are approaching , the track is getting knarely with the deep ruts and

the sand slowly deteriorating throughout the night.

The riders line up for the 450 Main Event and the gate drops with the #32 of Christian Craig taking the holeshot with the #10 Justin Brayton closely behind him passing #32 right after the finish line heading into the sand turn. Kawasaki's #3 Eli Tomac would go down after the first lap clipping #34 Weston Pieck's back tire in the turn pushing #3 to last. Luckily, with time on his side, a couple mistakes of Anderson and Musquin going down, the #3 would  not be able to catch up to the #10 finishing 2nd and Brayton would take his very first Supercross win after 131 career starts while dominating the whole day.


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