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24-7 Media Group covers a wide variety of projects such as : Birthday Parties, Various Photo shoots, Corporate Events, interviews and much more. Contact us for a free consultation. Proudly serving all of Southern California.



Covering the iconic disc jockey Shadoe Stevens at his home. Shadoe helped get 94.7 Kmet and 106.7 Kroq of the ground as well as played a big part in the Federated group in the 80's with Television Commercials.

On set with Matt Forger (Middle) the legendary Audio Engineer of Michael Jackson's album "Thriller" and many other of Michael's albums.


Matt talks about the making of "Thriller" with Quincy Jones as well as how he started in the industry while working with other iconic figures such as:  Eddie Van Halen, Paul McCartney and other projects with Audio Engineer Barry Keenan (Left) of Invisible Poet Kings.

Iron Maidens Nicko Mc Brain


Iron Maiden's Drummer Nicko Mc Brain has a special appearance at the 2018 NAMM conference for TEC Tracks to  discuss a wide variety of topics from Iron Maidens World Tour,  to drums , the Eddie artwork and much more.

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